Tiger Shark One of our Photo Stars in Action

Want to swim with Sharks?

Come on one of our Bahamas voyages, and spend some quality time with large sharks. Make a memorable trip with us.

Shark Crew underwater production

We are a professional underwater film and video support company. View our projects and look at what we've done.
M/V Kate with her new paint job
Our Team at work on a film shoot
  • Film & TV
    Shark Crew is a full service in water support company.  We are experts at safely filming shark encounters for both film and tv. We host a diverse crew of talented...
  • Florida Keys Diving
    The waters surrounding the Florida coast have been traveled for more than a thousand years. Our journey will take us from Key Largo to Key West exploring some of the...
  • Tiger Shark Dives
    Come join us on Tiger Beach for the Tiger Shark adventure of a lifetime. Join the crew of Blue Iguana Charters and dive with the tigers.  We offer both Cage...

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