7 Shipwrecks in 7 Days

The ultimate trip for the serious wreck diver

Spiegel GroveThe waters surrounding the Florida coast have been traveled for more than a thousand years. Our 7 Shipwrecks in 7 Days trip will take us from Key Largo to Key West exploring the best shipwrecks the Florida Keys have to offer.

With Blue Iguana Charters you will experience the ultimate in wreck diving including the newest arrival of the “Vandenberg” in May 2009.  During our 7 Shipwrecks in 7 Days trip,  we will see many of the famous ships including the “USS Spiegel Grove” a 510’ landing ship sunk in 130 feet of water, and the “Eagle” a freighter resting on her port side in 110 feet of water.

There’s such a wide variety of ships to choose from here in the Florida Keys and the marine life is in full bloom every day.

There are more than 20 major wreck sites to choose from and thousands of coral reefs to dive along the way. Let us work with you and your dive group to customize your trip and make it the best shipwreck dive trip of your life.