Bahamas Tiger Shark Diving

Dive with Tiger Sharks

Come join us on Tiger Beach Bahamas for the Tiger Shark Diving adventure of a lifetime. Join the crew of Blue Iguana Charters, and dive with the tigers.  We offer both Cage Diving, and Cageless Tiger Shark diving.  We are one of the few operators in this area that give you a choice to dive with the cage or without.  Just ask about cage diving when you book.  When you book with us you are booking with the Owner/ Operator not a broker or booking agent.  We are the faces that will meet you at the dock as you board and will be with you all though your trip.

Departures from Bahamas
Inclusive pricing:
$3,385 per person

Pricing Includes $192 Bahamas taxes and park fees

Tiger Shark Diving, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Lemon Sharks ... plus regular live aboard scuba diving all with just 6 divers on a 65' dive vessel.

We'll introduce you to Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier ), Lemon Sharks (Negaprion brevirostris) and many Reef Sharks (Carcharhinus perezi) up close and personal. Plus, you'll get to dive incredible sites complete with wrecks, and more. Packing as much diving and shark encounters as we can into 7 days is what this latest adventure is all about.


2018 Dates Available

April 22 to 28 May 6-12 Oct 14-20 Nov 11-17

 2019 Dates Available 

May 5 - 11 May 12 - 18 June 9 - 15 Oct 6 - 12 Oct 13 - 19


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Getting the photo of tiger shark

Tiger shark

Sharks on the Reef

You may see pricing for similar Tiger Shark Diving expeditions that seem like they are less than what we charge, but you'll soon see why our cost inclusive pricing is the better way to go. Instead of offering one price and then tacking on fuel surcharges, port fees, and more, we give you a set price upfront that's all included. We also offer more actual days at sea with sharks and take fewer divers. In the end we offers a better value, more water time, and a base of operations in the Bahamas helping to directly support local business there.

The Adventure

Six lucky divers will join us for seven days out of Grand Bahama aboard the 65' long range dive vessel MV Kate.  Below is our typical itinerary, this is only a example trips very per weather and captains choice. (Click the day to expand):

Welcome to The Bahamas. Once you have arrived at our docks at Old Bahama Bay Marina, a Shark Free Marina, we’ll check you in between 5.00pm-7.00pm. Time to unpack and familiarize yourself with your floating home for the next week. Once you have settled in you are free to join your fellow divers at a local bar for some fresh Grouper Tacos, Conch Salad and a cool beer. Later tonight we’ll have an orientation on emergency procedures and shark diving information. We depart in the evening for our short cruise to "Tiger Beach". This a great time to sit back and meet your fellow divers. The next morning will be busy with lots of diving.
While your co-workers are drudging to work, you will be shark diving with Tigers and perhaps if conditions are just right a Hammerhead or two. This morning, we awake on Tiger Beach. The crew has been chumming since early morning. Tigers start arriving in the morning, typically we see anywhere from 1- 5 sharks, and they are hungry. Tigers are different from Great Whites in many ways. Here we'll be in 15-30 feet of water with a sandy bottom.  The shark diving operation will last all day long with regular shark rotations for our divers. If we feel like it or the action slows down divers can choose to run over to El Dorado where local populations of Caribbean Reef sharks swim close as you explore this reef. The game plan is to spend the entire day here where ever the shark action is the hottest. Note: Unlike Tiger Sharks, Caribbean Reef sharks and Lemon Sharks are considered a "safer" shark species. We do cage-less dives with these animals but always have a safety diver in place and do not chum on these dives if conditions dictate. The encounters here are completely natural and occur because these reefs are pristine.
This is another full dive day with 5-10 dives at Tiger Beach. Wake up to breakfast onboard to the beautiful Grand Bahama Banks. We'll make a run over to the "Bull-Pen" it's a 60' dive with Caribbean Reef sharks, groupers, eagle rays if the Tigers are not playing today. From there,  we go to colorful Hogfish reef, then to Sugar Wreck for an afternoon and a night dive. We frequently snorkel & dive with large friendly turtles on this ancient wreck that was once a 330' sailing vessel. Nighttime we anchor up in a calm area for overnight known locally as Dry's only a short distance from our Tiger shark site. Expect Tiger diving and lots of it if conditions and animals permit, this is the main reason we are here!
More sharking at Tiger Beach this morning. Divers will spend as much time as they like getting shots and encounter time with these animals. We'll be chumming all night long to keep interest high. This afternoon for a change of pace we are off to check out some of the crazy reefs that few people know about for some diving.
Breakfast around 8:00 am with our first dive on The Mini Wall or Mt Olympus, a beautiful 60 to 90 feet dive. We often come across huge turtles, rays, flying fish, large game fish and other open ocean wonders whilst cruising. See colorful sponges, deep water fish, schools of Jacks and tropical fish. In the afternoon,  we'll make a run to a mini wall that ranges from 40-80 feet featuring big swim through crevices, sponges, and more schooling fish.
This morning we will once again explore the ocean environment, spending the first part of the morning at Tiger Beach. If we would like, we can also run to another site for a good old fashioned Caribbean Reef shark dive to round out your last day with us here in the Bahamas. In the evening expect a local night dive, and a few Loggerhead turtles and a nurse shark or two.

Last chance for Sharks. This morning we will once again explore the ocean environment, spending the first part of the morning at Sherwood Forrest for a Caribbean Reef shark dive to round out your last day with us here in the Bahamas.

Tigers and Safety:

A quick note about diving with Tiger sharks. Some operators have successfully arranged non-caged Tiger shark encounters. While they have been successful to date, and the images pulled from these encounters are nothing short of stunning, we have chosen to offer our encounters both without cages and within the confines of a cage for safety reasons. With cages we can offer this encounter to a much broader range of divers, and couples who value safety and relaxed diving...after all this is your vacation. As well, we have discovered many of our divers prefer the safety aspect of caged diving. They feel they can relax and shoot the animals without the fear of "bump and bites". It's the reason that cages are part of shark diving encounters.

The Tiger shark is second only to the White shark in number of reported attacks on humans. Its large size and voraciousness make it a formidable predator in the ocean. Tiger sharks can be curious and aggressive towards humans in the water and must be considered with a great deal of respect. While we wish those that choose non cage Tiger encounters continued success, our divers realize that managed risk, and respect for large predators is paramount to a successful dive. Join us this year and discover the next great marine predator....the Tiger Shark, it's a wild adventure out there!

Special Notes for Passengers