Lionfish and the Florida Keys

Lionfish and the Reefs

Lad Akins from REEF documented a dramatic 65% decline in 42 species of reef fish eaten by lionfish over a two year period in the Bahamas

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Learn How You Can Help

Lad Akins, Director of Special Projects, and the REEF team conduct workshops throughout the Caribbean and Mexico to prepare and educate resource managers on the lionfish invasion. These workshops include developing detailed action plans for lionfish removal, how to encourage lionfish as a commercial fisheries and getting the community involved. Participate in a Lionfish Workshop to learn about lionfish collection, handling, and permits*. This workshop is intended for dive professionals and avid recreational divers interested in obtaining a permit to collect lionfish in the Sanctuary Preservation Areas. These workshops are sponsored by REEF and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The workshop presentation will cover the history and progression of the invasion, an overview of lionfish biology and ecology, safe handling and collection techniques, and first aid. *Workshops for lionfish permits only available in the Florida Keys and at certain locations. Permits for the FKNMS SPAs only allow hand net collection, not spearfishing.

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Some call them webinars. We call 'em Fishinars!

Fishie fun in the comfort of your own home. Great for first-timers or those wanting a review. These short, free webinars will teach you the finer points of identifying fish and invertebrates underwater.

  • We use common names, not scientific names, and focus on how to ID each critter.
  • Fishinars help divers learn how to become citizen scientists and help monitor marine life on their recreational dives. Data gathered goes into REEF's online database to help students, researchers, scientists, etc.
  • Fishinars are open to divers, snorkelers, and devout landlubbers alike. Anyone wanting to know more about our local underwater residents is welcome to join in.
  • You don't need a microphone or a webcam to be able to participate
  • iPad, iPhone and iPod users - there is a free GoToWebinar app that will allow you to view our Fishinars, but the interface does not support full participation (you won't be able to raise your hand, type in questions or answers, etc.) So just a heads up!

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