Film & TV

Shark Crew is a full service in water support company.  We are experts at safely filming shark encounters for both film and tv.

We host a diverse crew of talented and creative dive supervisors, safety divers, videographers, shark site mangers and offer you and your team unparalleled expertise in

all areas of shark site build-out and development and safe animal interactions.  our company also has unique contacts within the shark research community that go beyond many of the standard faces seen on countless programs. We actively source and keep in contact with the cutting edge and up-and-coming research teams who drive story lines and have newer sites in places that you may have never heard about.

In the world of sharks there are many story-lines yet untouched, many sites yet un filmed, and many species yet to discover. We provide story ideas and program concepts that often go beyond "when animals attack", weaving science and thrills into superior shows – from remote white shark migrations to nefarious international shark fishing operations to deep sea submersible shark pursuits for IMAX. 

Big ideas make for big productions even if the production you have in mind is small in scope. That's the main drive behind Shark Crew: we can help you from concept to lights-camera-action. Put simply, our goal is to change the way sharks are featured and, in turn, provide the public with better programming – all on time and on budget.

Gillette Razors & Sharks - Behind the Scenes from Johnny Friday on Vimeo.

Below are some of the videos filmed aboard the MV Kate.  Just click on "PLAYLIST" to view our entire list of videos. Enjoy.

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